Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

I went to Brixton yesterday and found myself in a small converted shipping container called ‘Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen’. A tiny restaurant with a big personality! Brixton is full of great pop up places to eat, from jerk chicken to fresh ramen, you are spoilt for choice.

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen is run by, guess who…Zoe! She cooks the most amazing Ghanian food like I have never tasted before. I tried the most succulent lamb chops marinated in a number of spices and served with a peanut sauce. Next, traditional fried chicken – Ghana style! The chicken was the crispiest chicken I have ever had with a wonderful blend of spices, including nutmeg. Delicious!

If this hadn’t filled me up already, I tried some plantain chips. Soft, sweet and flavourful served with some beans. A local ingredient that I’ve tried before, plantain can be baked, fried or made into chips. Its so yummy and very comforting. Lastly, Zoe made some Yam balls, she mashed the yams and mixed them with garlic and spices and then deep fried them. All served hot with a spicy dip and salsa.

I love this place, it is quirky, stylish and very welcoming.  I can honestly say I will go back there for some more traditional home cooked food, or better yet I might go to Ghana! But I think a trip to Brixton might be cheaper.

Check it out! http://zoesghanakitchen.co.uk/restaurant/



New York! New York!

I have to apologise for not blogging in so long, I’ve been away! My husband and I went to New York and I think it’s fair to say that we ate our way through the big apple!

What an exciting place! Besides being one of the most amazing cities in the world, I loved it for the vast amount of food on offer. There was every cuisine you could think of and it was all available at any time of the day. We couldn’t help but try a little bit of everything. From Spanish empanadas, Japanese spicy pork buns and Chinese pork fried rice to crispy New York pizza, buffalo wings and cream cheese bagels! Everything was so delicious and we still felt like we had more to try, but our waistline said something else.

Grabbing breakfast on the go was so easy as there was a NY deli on every corner, with a large array of choices. A cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel with a hot cup of coffee was one of the best breakfast’s I’ve had. But then again I could say the same for the pizza, it was so thin and so crispy, I was in heaven! Yet I don’t think I tried a percentage of the food available in NY, it’s a food bloggers paradise. It’s full of exciting new flavours and I hope to go back again one day to try more.

Besides all the food, I can’t help but mention how nice the people were in New York. I am not sure if it was our British accent or our lost faces, but everyone was so kind and helpful. Everyone was smiling and friendly and wouldn’t hesitate to go out of their way and help us. So thank you to the local people of New York!

I’ve attached a mix of photos below both from my camera and mobile phone camera, so apologies for the poor quality of some of them!

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