Homemade Fries

Ok so this is another treat! But my nephew came to stay and I decided to treat him. I thought I would try and make my own chips but fry them this time. So I chopped my potatoes (with the skin on to give it a rustic look) into thin chips and par boiled them for a few minutes. After I drained them I patted them dry with kitchen paper and then put them in a fryer. Try not to put too many in at a time or they won’t cook properly. I took them out and seasoned them straight away with rosemary and salt so that it sticks. They were delicious! I promise I don’t eat chips all the time!

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3 thoughts on “Homemade Fries

  1. Homemade is always better..💜please do visit my blog too sometimes.. would love to connect 😊


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