The rule of 3…keeping it simple!

Ok I am no chef but I love to cook. I am always trying to learn new things, even if it ends in a disaster! Yesterday I decided to keep it very simple. Rather than looking for complicated recipes and exotic ingredients, I decided to follow in the Italians foot steps and attempt a very basic dish.

This is a very basic spaghetti recipe with only three ingredients: garlic, tomatoes and basil. And I have to say it tasted amazing. I didn’t over load it with different herbs or spices like I normally do and I could really taste the 3 ingredients. Topped with some extra virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese, it just finished the dish off nicely. A small tip that I have picked up from all these celebrity chefs that I am always watching is to put a bit of the starchy pasta water into the pasta to keep it moist and to stop it drying out. It really does work!

Comfort food at its best. Give it a try!

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Tomato and garlic and basil spaghetti

Tomato, garlic and basil spaghetti


One thought on “The rule of 3…keeping it simple!

  1. It’s funny about that — I remember the days when “the experts” were telling us our pasta dishes would be ruined if we didn’t drain away every single last drop of water. Then a few years ago they began telling us to reserve that precious starchy cooking water to add back. I foresee the day when they reverse it yet again. Rather like fashion; for example, jeans. Fashion experts will tell us low-rise bootcut jeans are more slimming, so everyone runs out and buys those. The next year, those very same experts are telling us high-rise straight leg jeans are more slimming. The next year, back to bootcut. And so on and so on and so on. But your pasta looks beautiful! And I love your keeping it simple and letting a few flavors shine!


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